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Investment Principles

SIE assists public and private initiatives in the emergence, design and financing of sustainable energy projects and energy efficiency within the Kingdom. As a financial tool, SIE works in the service of the national energy strategy and assumes its intervention on the following principles:


As a strategic investor, SIE develops and finances projects contributing to public policy: it intervenes in response to either a priority need of public authorities, or to address the lack of initiative of private (emerging sectors).

In addition, SIE contributes to the emergence and development of new markets which are less favorable in terms of private investment. This intervention aims to bring these new markets to maturity, and in order to sustain the viability of emerging sectors.


To preserve its funds, SIE ensures the creation of a balanced portfolio. This portfolio consists of assets with different maturities and different profiles of risk / return.


As a state public corporation, SIE acts as a trusted third party in the development of energy projects. Through institutional bond that it brings to development investors, SIE facilitates operational implementation of projects and optimally contributes to the financial package (own funds + debt).

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