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Moroccan Potential

The place of sources of renewable energy is increasing exponentially in the worldwide energy offer. Morocco has witnessed the same trend while boasting a particularly rich potential compared to other countries. The exploitation of this promising potential will allow the reduction of energy dependence and insure the stability of the country.

Wind Power Energy

As far as wind power is concerned, Morocco features an impressive potential specifically along the shorelines with wind speeds ranging from over 22ft/s to 33ft/s. The increasable technical potential is well over 10 000 MW. However, this potential is limited by the capacity to integrate this source to the power grid over the short term, up until 2020. This limitation can be reduced by fresh investments aimed at reinforcing the power grid but the difficulties of maintaining a stable network during periods of low voltage remain an obstacle. Several countries have adopted a 20% limit of total power output in order to settle for a realistic goal during preliminary phases of development of wind power.

Small wind turbines cover a power segment ranging from 0.4 KW to 300 KW. The smallest turbines are often called micro or mini turbines. On paper, the potential is very important in Morocco thanks to the multiple wind fields identified in several areas of the country.

(Wind Fields of Morocco)

Solar Power Energy

Solar Power is undeniably the most important source of renewable energy in Morocco. With well over 3000 h/year of sunshine, the equivalent of a radiance of around 55 KWh/ft²/day, Morocco is a Solar Power field of excellence. This source of energy represents an even greater potential in area poorly serviced by the power grid.cartesolaire

(Solar Fields in Morocco)

Biomass Energy

Residual, urban, agricultural or industrial biomasses represent an untapped potential for energy production reaching 950 MW. This potential is actually very little developed in Morocco but local businesses fully understand its value..

(Biomass Distribution in Morocco)

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