The coverage of the Medium Voltage sector by SIE is part of the large-scale development of renewable energy and the gradual opening of the sector to private investment, initiated by the adoption of Law 13-09.

The approach of SIE is intended to be proactive for self-generating renewable electricity production and anticipative for production following an IPP model in preparation for the definition of regulatory conditions that are informed by the future regulatory decree.

SIE focuses on mature and proven technologies, notably in the mini photovoltaic installation sectors and the energy potential of waste-to-energy projects.

The use of these technologies is for industries as diverse as agriculture, industry, construction, hotels, etc.

SIE is involved in co-development and co-investment through a process to minimize risk, mobilize potential opportunities and implement the legal tools that define the rights and obligations of the entities involved.

SIE supports the national energy strategy by promoting investment in energy efficiency, one of its key areas of focus. It aims to improve the energy performance of the public sector while mobilizing the private sector financing. As an investor and co-developer, SIE participates along the entire project value chain by building energy performance contracts that allow for the emergence of a new sector.

SIE offers appropriate solutions for each energy efficiency project by offering tailored financial packages. These projects are imbued with a public-private partnership (PPP) for better management of public services, like for lighting and public buildings, where the private party assumes a significant portion of the risks and funding during all project phases (study , design, operation and maintenance).

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